SHBA Takes Stand Against “Fair Elections” Ordinance

Monday night the Spokane City Council adopted city campaign finance restrictions titled “Fair Elections”. The ordinance passed was unfortunately anything but fair. SHBA Government Affairs Director Arthur Whitten joined activists and concerned citizens from across Spokane to speak against the ordinance championed by Council President Ben Stuckart and passed 6-1 (Councilman Mike Fagan voting no) to adopt local level campaign finance restrictions that prohibits contractors with city contracts earning more than $50,000 from contributing to city elections to avoid the perception of corruption and favoritism. The same ordinance however exempted unions that negotiate with the city and make significant contributions directly and indirectly to city council candidates from similar restrictions. SHBA’s involvement in the hearing gained local press coverage here (

SHBA also spoke against the building of city bureaucracy at cost to the taxpayers to enforce campaign law already covered by the state. Lastly, the ordinance included many protections for incumbents running for re-election. SHBA Government Affairs will continue to monitor and when necessary shine light on local policies that negatively impact Association members or contribute to bad governance.


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