Building a Future for You…and Eastern Washington

Apprenticeships offer a direct path to a great career and a financially sold lifestyle. You’ll develop a sense of accomplishment in your work and pride in your skill in a high-demand field. And you’ll experience the comradery and community that characterizes the carpentry trade.


How many education programs pay you to learn? You will start earning a paycheck as soon as your apprenticeship begins on the jobsite.


Our carpentry apprenticeship is a four-year program that gives you a solid education, both in the classroom and on the job. You learn the best techniques from the best craftsmen in the field. Others may go into debt to pay for a college education. With the Carpentry apprenticeship program, the cost to you is minimal—in fact, you’ll make money, right from the start.

Carpentry is a great living. It’s a flexible lifestyle. It’s a sure way to provide for yourself or your family and steer toward a secure future. Demand for general carpentry skills will never go away. That’s why our four-year program turns apprentices into well-rounded, professional carpenters.


The tuition cost for the 2017-2018 training year is $1,045.00 excluding textbooks. If you choose to purchase your textbook, the cost is an additional $115.00 and the accompanying workbook is $45.00. You will also be required to attend First Aid/CPR/AED training. The cost of this course is $25.00 every two years. Scholarships are available.


Earning potential $43,600 per year United States
Department of Labor Statistic

Wednesday from 6:00pm – 10:00pm
One Saturday per month from 8:00am – noon.

Sample Classes:
Blueprint Reading
Construction Math & Measurement
Leadership & Teamwork
Interior/Exterior Finishing
Roof and Steel Framing
Cabinet fabrication and installation


What are the requirements to get into the program?
Must be 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED and have a valid Washington state driver license. A drug test may be required.

When are the classes?
Classes are schedule after work from 6:00pm – 10:00pm.

Where are classes held?
Spokane Community College Journeyman & Apprenticeship Training Center Building B at N. 2110 Fancher Way, Spokane Valley, WA 99212

Who will I work for?
Apprentices work for companies and contractors that are participants in the Spokane Home Builders Association Apprenticeship and Training program. Under this agreement, employers agree to provide qualified supervision, provide salary and any fringe benefits, and follow regulations and other conditions of the program. Working for a non-residential company will not earn an apprentice any credits toward eventual certification. Work is not guaranteed and depends on needs and activity within the residential construction industry.

How much will I get paid?
Apprentices will be paid at an hourly rate that is a portion of the hourly rate of journeymen. In addition, for every 1,000 hours an apprentice works, he or she will earn a raise.

How are my work hours tracked?
Apprentices must complete a monthly “Work Progress Record” form to record every hour worked. And submit to the Spokane Home Builders Association Apprenticeship and Training program each month.

Are tools provided in the Apprenticeship Program?
Apprentices are required to purchase their own tools before their first job referral. In addition, an employer or supervisor may ask that certain hand tools be purchased for an assigned job. Power tools are provided.

Training today for tomorrow’s workforce

A training agent is an employer of a registered apprentice(s) who has been approved by the program sponsor to furnish on-the-job training to satisfy the approved apprenticeship program standards and agrees to employ registered apprentices in that work process.

Benefits of Training Apprentices

Gain Trained Employees

By combining on-the-job training with classroom instruction, apprenticeship provides an employer with fully-trained employees. Participating in an apprenticeship program ensures that you will have employees that are trained to industry standards, as well as to your company’s.

Create Less Turnover

When you commit to training your workforce, you will see employee motivation and interest increase, improvements in overall work ethics, and increased employee loyalty. Training young people in your business creates skilled and experienced employees, many of whom will stay with you, becoming your supervisors and managers of the future.

Save Money

The program includes both classroom and on-the-job training, so apprentices will be producing for you while they learn. The result is employees ready to contribute to your bottom line.

Improve Productivity

The completion of an apprenticeship program results in highly-trained professionals who have a higher level of quality production and productivity.

Help the Skilled Workforce Shortage

The apprenticeship program is a way to train qualified individuals by providing career opportunities and trained people in your industry. This means you will have trained employees when you need them. Apprenticeship will provide a pipeline of skilled employees for our industry’s future growth needs.