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By April 23, 2019Featured
Tradesman International is proud to be one of the SHBA Strategic Partners. We want to take a moment and highlight some of their services.
Tradesmen’s mission is to partner with our Members in the Construction Field and support the never-ending need for a Quality tradesman. They can do this by supplying highly qualified tradesman for hire. They have been able to do this by their drive to never lose sight of Tradesman roots in contracting to help each client complete their projects on time, under budget, and with the highest levels of safety, quality and construction labor productivity
Tradesman International has been servicing the Spokane area for more than ten years now, and some of its key highlights include:
  • Improve clients’ overall construction labor productivity while efficiently maintaining their contingent construction labor needs.
  • Provide skilled craftsmen reliable work, fair compensation, and benefits, opportunities for skill and career growth, as well as safer overall working conditions.
  • Help maintain and elevate the high levels of pride and craftsmanship that are the traditional hallmarks of the skilled construction trades.
  • Maximize Workforce Productivity and Minimize Construction Labor Costs through Custom Skilled Staffing Solutions.
Mark has carpenters Ready to go today! So, if you are a builder and having a hard time finding a qualified tradesperson that have the experiences. Call Mark at (509) 228-0142 to learn more and see what craftsmen are available to help get projects done on time at or visit their website at https://www.tradesmeninternational.com