SHBA Endorses Commissioner Al French & Candidates for State Legislature

By April 23, 2018Blog

Spokane Home Builders Association Releases Early Endorsements for Commissioner Al French & Candidates for State Legislature

(Spokane Valley, WA) –The Spokane Home Builders Association (SHBA) Board of Directors voted this week to early endorse Spokane County Commissioner Al French & candidates in the 4th, 6th, 7th and 9th Legislative Districts.

Spokane County
Commissioner Al French

State Legislature
Representative Matt Shea, 4th District
Representative Bob McCaslin, 4th District
Representative Mike Volz, 6th District
Representative Jeff Holy for State Senate, 6th District
Representative Jacquelin Maycumber, 7th District
Representative Joel Kretz, 7th District
Senator Shelly Short, 7th District
Representative Joe Schmick, 9th District
Representative Mary Dye, 9th District

2018 SHBA President Nick Barnes released the following statement in response to the endorsement announcement: “It is imperative for the local housing industry that we re-elect Commissioner Al French and these leaders in the state legislature. These elected officials have demonstrated their ongoing commitment to advancing pro-growth policies that strengthen housing attainability in Spokane County while preserving private property rights.”

Commissioner Al French has been a reliable advocate throughout his career for a robust housing industry through the promotion of reduced regulatory barriers and positive growth measures. Commissioner French was a leader in 2017 for a Spokane County “Hirst Fix” resulting from the October 2016 State Supreme Court decision which halted rural development while lowering property values by $37 billion statewide. Thanks to the efforts of Commissioner French, Spokane County led the state in its local level response that allowed builders to get back to work building the dream homes of rural property owners.

“Re-electing Commissioner French is the obvious choice in this race,” said Joel White, SHBA Executive Officer, “His work to address the devastating effects of the Hirst Decision on home builders and property owners renewed for many the dream of home ownership which our Association works every day to defend.”

Legislators representing the 4th, 6th, 7th and 9th legislative districts of Spokane County also were early proponents of a permanent Hirst Fix solution from the state legislature. These individuals also stood against unnecessary new capital gains income and energy taxes which would harm consumers and lower the attainability of housing.

“Voters should retain these legislators and elect Rep. Jeff Holy to the State Senate,” said Arthur Whitten, SHBA Government Affairs Director, “SHBA recognizes their steadfast support for a permanent Hirst Fix, fiscally responsible government and a vibrant business climate.”

Endorsements in other races will be considered and released in upcoming months.