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The Power of Advocacy


Any good organization is consistently asking itself, “why do we do what we do?” That driving purpose keeps one focused and motivated to achieve its purpose. For the Spokane Home Builders Association, we are constantly reminding ourselves that the success of our members and their contribution to the economic flourishing of our region moves us forward. YOU are why we exist.
To accomplish our mission, three key functions guide our path:  protect, promote, and educate. Within that framework sits our Government Affairs efforts, which primarily work towards the goal of protecting the residential construction industry from government overreach, unnecessary regulation, and costly taxes and fees. We do this by creating relationships with various elected officials and government entities through our Government Affairs Committee and by recruiting, training, and supporting candidates for elected office through our Political Action Committee.
In a joint effort with our state association, the BIAW, we were able to work with local and state officials to get our industry back to work before any other industry. By initiating a working group to negotiate an agreement, supplying local officials with useful information and strategies, and applying public pressure, work was able to resume on job sites across the state.
We are also working hard to fight against the unconstitutional and recklessly punitive authority given L&I to levy an additional $10,000 fine for violating the vague guidance of the Stay at Home order. Should the legislature enter into a special session, we will also be fighting to delay the building code changes set to take effect November 1 of this year. We are working hard to help our out-of-touch government bureaucrats understand that now is not the time to be increasing costs on businesses already under stress. This is simply not how the real world works.
So what can you do? First, I want to say thank you for being a part of an industry that provides over 100,000 jobs and $8.4 billion to Washington’s economy. The work you do not only provides attainable housing for families in our community, but it drives our regional economy. Second, I would invite you to join the fight! We need you to join our key contact program to build relationships with local elected officials. We need you to donate to the PAC and support candidates. We need you to help recruit good candidates, or even run for office yourself!

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