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A Tale of Two Lawsuits: How One Seattle Law Firm Silenced Voters on Both Sides of the State

September 10, 2021 | Comments Off on A Tale of Two Lawsuits: How One Seattle Law Firm Silenced Voters on Both Sides of the State

Q: What do homelessness in Seattle and natural gas in Spokane have in common? A: The Seattle-based law firm Smith and Lowney.   Two weeks ago, two judges ruled on separate lawsuits filed by this Seattle-based firm, to take away the voices of voters in the City of Spokane and City of Seattle. Compassion Seattle would have required the city to take specific, measurable actions to prioritize treatment support services, combined with housing to provide long-term solutions to the homelessness crisis in Seattle. While the Spokane Cleaner Energy Protection Act would have permanently prevented the city from implementing a hydropower or…

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Spokane County is Changing

August 17, 2021 | Comments Off on Spokane County is Changing

Spokane County Will Go From Three, to Five Districts Following recent legislation out of Olympia, Spokane County will go from three Commissioner districts to five districts next year. This is due to a rapidly growing population, and the need for more representation. Spokane Home Builders Association members are in a unique position to provide feedback on these boundaries as you are more keenly aware of where the County is growing and how populations may shift over the next 10 years. Please consider attending one of the following public forums to help ensure the most fair and equal boundaries are drawn…

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SHBA Announces Endorsements for City Council

July 21, 2021 | Comments Off on SHBA Announces Endorsements for City Council

The Spokane Home Builders Association PAC has announced their endorsements for the Spokane, Spokane Valley, Deer Park, and Moses Lake City Council races. In Spokane, they have endorsed Jonathan Bingle and Mike Lish. For Spokane Valley, Pam Haley and Laura Padden. In Deer Park, Hazel McGillivray, Jason Upchurch and Richard Schut. In Moses Lake, Dustin Swartz and Mark Fancher. All of the candidates running in each race were invited to an in-person interview, with members from the Board of Directors and the SHBA PAC to explain their vision for the future of their respective districts. The endorsements were then made unanimously…

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L&I Emergency Wildfire Smoke Rules

July 21, 2021 | Comments Off on L&I Emergency Wildfire Smoke Rules

What You Need to Know as an Employer   The new rules apply mainly to workers that are not in environments with filtered air (offices, vehicles, etc.) So, the rules are likely to apply to construction industry employers and workers since most of the work is outdoors/in an unfiltered environment.   Q: As an employer, how do I know when the Wildfire Smoke rules apply? A: This standard applies to workplaces where the employer “should reasonably anticipate” that employees may be exposed to wildfire smoke Q:  As an employer, once I “reasonably anticipate” employee exposure, how can I verify that…

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