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2024 Spokane County Elections

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Wondering who will appear on your ballot this August? Last week, all candidates seeking elected office were required to file with the county elections department. This year brought more action than normal, beginning with the retirement of Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. In total, 11 candidates filed for the now open congressional seat, including several who hold other locally elected positions.

The retirement of Senator Mike Padden in the 4th Legislative District attracted 6 candidates to the open seat, including sitting Representative Leonard Christian. That in turn leaves open House seat Position 2, for which 6 candidates also filed.

New representation will also come to the 3rd and 7th Legislative Districts, with Senator Billig and Representatives Kretz and Maycumber electing not to seek re-election.

Statewide races of note include 28 candidates for Governor, 11 for US Senate, 7 for Commissioner of Public Lands, and 9 for Insurance Commissioner.

In the coming weeks the SHBA PAC Endorsement Committee will review submitted questionnaires and interview candidates. For more information about the PAC or to see a detailed list of races to watch, visit If you'd like to get involved please contact Kelly Lotze at or 509-954-0104.

2024 Elections in Spokane County

In the order they will appear on ballot


Rick Valentine Flynn (Republican)

Rene’ Holaday (Republican)

Jacquelin Maycumber (Republican)

Jonathan Bingle (Republican)

Carmela Conroy (Democrat)

Ann Marie Danimus (Democrat)

Matthew Welde (Democrat)

Bernadine Bank (Democrat)

Michael Baumgartner (Republican)

Brian Dansel (Republican)

Bobbi Bennett-Wolcott (Democrat)


State Legislature

3rd District


Marcus Riccelli (Democrat)

House Pos 1

Natasha Hill (Democrat)

Tony Kiepe (Republican)

Ben Stuckart (Democrat)

House Pos 2

Timm Ormsby (Democrat)

4th District


Paige Scott (Democrat)

Pam Hailey (Republican)

Al Merkel (Republican)

Leonard Christian (Republican)

Mike Kelly (Republican)

Miguel Valencia (Democrat)

House Pos 1

Kitten Wildes Beeler (Green)

Suzanne Schmidt (Republican) Incumbent - Endorsed by SHBA

Kristopher Pockell (No Party Preference)

House Pos 2

Ed “Woody” Wood (Democrat)

Brandi Peetz (Republican)

Stephen Major (Republican)

Michael Schmidt (Republican)

Ted Cummings (Democrat)

Rob Chase (Republican)



6th District

House Pos 1

Mike Volz (Republican) Incumbent - Endorsed by SHBA

Steven McCray II (Democrat)

House Pos 2

Jenny Graham (Republican) - Incumbent - Endorsed by SHBA

Michaela Kelso (Democrat)


7th District

House Pos 1

Teagan Levine (Republican)

Andrew Engell (Republican)

Soo Ing-Moody (Republican)

House Pos 2

Ronald McCoy (Republican)

Hunter Abell (Republican)

Pat Bell (Republican)

Paul “Rocky” Dean (Democrat)


9th District


Mark Schoesler (Republican) Incumbent - Endorsed by SHBA

House Pos 1

Mary Dye (Republican) Incumbent - Endorsed by SHBA

Patrick Miller (Democrat)

House Pos 2

Pam Kohlmeier (Democrat)

Joe Schmick (Republican) Incumbent - Endorsed by SHBA

Arianna Arends (Democrat)


County Commissioners

District 1

Chris Jordan (Democrat)

District 3

Josh Kerns (Republican) Incumbent - Endorsed by SHBA

District 5

Molly Marshall (Democrat)

Al French (Republican) Incumbent - Endorsed by SHBA

Complete listing here

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