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SHBA General Endorsements Combined 2023-min

Political Action Center

The SHBA Political Action Committee (PAC) exists to encourage member participation in local elections and support pro-housing candidates for elected office that best represent the positions of our Association.

Members are encouraged to take an active role in their Association’s Political Action Committee including:

  • Making a financial contribution to support endorsed candidates
  • Vote in every election and encourage their employees to do the same
  • Participate in the SHBA PAC candidate endorsement interviews each May and June
  • Volunteer their time for endorsed candidates’ campaigns

SHBA PAC has a successful track record supporting key policymakers in our region, including electing pro-growth county commissioners, mayors and city council members and opposing anti-business ballot initiatives.

How Does SHBA-PAC Work?

SHBA PAC works to identify and support the candidates for elected office that best represent the values of the Spokane Home Builders Association. To gain the endorsement of SHBA PAC, a candidate must

  • Submit a written questionnaire on their understanding and positions on issues critical to the building industry
  • Complete a civil and criminal background check provided by the nonpartisan Candidate Verification service
  • Interview with an endorsement interview panel of SHBA members
  • Receive a recommendation from the endorsement interview panel and approval of the SHBA Board of Directors

SHBA Advocacy Efforts

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