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2021 Election Results

Endorsed Candidate Update

While a handful of votes remain to be counted, the results of this year’s elections are all but final. Two races we have our eye on will likely enter the recount process. A machine recount is required when the difference between the top two candidates is less than 2,000 votes and also less than 1/2 of 1% of the total number of votes cast for both candidates. A manual recount is required when the difference between the top two candidates is less than 150 votes and also less than 1/4 of 1% of the total votes cast for both candidates.

In Spokane Valley, incumbent Rod Higgins and challenger James Johnson are within 86 votes (.42%). In Deer Park, the race between Richard Schut and Heather Newsom are separated by just 8 votes! Also, in the City of Spokane, more people left their ballot blank in the race between Mike Lish and Zack Zappone than the margin between the two candidates. If ever you have wondered whether your vote matters, it does!

Overall, this year particularly was a big win for SHBA with three members who ran for office winning their races!  Dustin Swartz and Mark Fancher join the city council in Moses Lake and Jonathan Bingle in Spokane. SHBA PAC certainly expanded its reach this year with the victory of 12 (possibly 13) endorsed candidates.


City of Spokane

Jonathan Bingle, City Council District 1 – Won with over 56% of the vote

Betsy Wilkerson, City Council District 2 – Ran unopposed after her opponent was declared ineligible due to residency

Mike Lish, City Council District 3 – Narrowly lost by 269 votes, fewer than the number of individuals who left that race blank


City of Spokane Valley

Rod Higgins, City Council Position 1 – Came from behind to retain his seat, winning by just 86 votes.

Ben Wick, City Council Position 4 – Won with nearly 65% of the vote

Pam Haley, City Council Position 5 – Won with over 65% of the vote

Laura Padden, City Council Position 7 – Widened her election night lead to win by 7 percentage points


City of Moses Lake

Dustin Swartz, City Council Position 2 – Won by over 8 percentage point margin

Mark Fancher, City Council Position 4 – Won with an overwhelming 82% of votes


City of Liberty Lake

Steve Peterson, Mayor – Incumbent Cris Kaminskas will remain in office

Chris Cargill, City Council Position 2 – Ran unopposed

Jamie Freeze Baird, City Council Position 4 –Baird won by a 51% to 45% margin


City of Deer Park

Hazel McGillivray, Mayor – Failed to earn enough votes in her first run for office

Jason Upchurch, City Council Position 1 – Won by more than 13 percentage points

Richard Schut, City Council Position 3 – Trails by only 8 votes to retain his council seat


City of Medical Lake

Terri Cooper, Mayor – Won with over 63% of the vote



Bold = Winner

Italic = expected recount

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