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Building for the Future

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A Year of Housing Solutions

For 75 years, SHBA members have pioneered solutions to housing issues and have been instrumental in shaping the vibrancy of the Spokane community. Now, more than ever, we continue to build for a future where the American Dream of homeownership is possible for all Spokane residents. Build for the future with us.
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Receive the information you need to advocate for industry-driven solutions to Spokane’s housing crisis, straight from the homebuilders.

Access housing stats and policy updates

Learn more about current issues impacting the housing crisis so you can advocate for solutions that work.

Support our workforce development efforts

Frame Your Future is building a worker training pipeline for residential construction in Eastern Washington.

Join the Conversation

The housing crisis is complex. But the solutions don’t have to be. Our year-long conversation around housing solutions focuses on policies and programs that work.

Workforce Development

Years of funding cuts to career and technical education in schools have robbed us of a generation of skilled workers. SHBA’s solutions to the workforce shortage include our workforce development program—Frame Your Future—and advocating for policies like the regional apprenticeship programs bill, which would create a skills center for high schoolers in Eastern Washington and increase access to apprenticeship programs.

Housing Affordability

More than just the American Dream, owning a home is one of the most viable ways for Americans to build wealth. Yet, in Washington, we have the fewest housing units per household of any state, and it's only getting worse. To reverse this trend and make housing more affordable, SHBA advocates for pro-housing policies that increase available housing units and help more families and individuals transition from renting to owning a home.

Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

Policies that eliminate energy choice in the name of energy efficiency often have the opposite effect, increasing the amount of energy being used in homes AND the cost of energy to homeowners. SHBA advocates for smart energy efficiency practices and policies that actually reduce carbon emissions and don’t drive up the cost of housing.

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Growth & Density

Homebuilders know that a streamlined, transparent permitting process makes housing more affordable and benefits entire communities. SHBA advocates for policy reforms that will encourage, not deter, homebuilding.

Advocacy in Action

To Build Energy Efficient Homes We Need to Focus on Science, Not Ideology

March 10, 2021

SPOKANE, Washington – With housing prices already squeezing many buyers out of the market, Washington State’s energy codes will shut…

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Addressing Spokane County Building Permit Delays

August 27, 2020

Over the last several weeks we have heard from many builders about permit processing delays in Spokane County. That’s why…

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Advocacy in Elections

August 24, 2020

The Spokane Home Builders Association engages in advocacy in two primary ways. First, through the Government Affairs Committee we support…

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