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House to Home


The Spokane Home Builders Association recently joined Avista Utilities in sponsoring the House to Home program, part of the Spokane Talks local online media network. Hosted by former SHBA board member Clyde Haase and current SHBA Government Affairs Director Isaiah Paine, House to Home seeks to bring relevant information and helpful tips for homeowners to help their house feel like a home. This new partnership seeks to establish Spokane Home Builders Association as a trusted resource for our community when it comes to everything related to their home.

Each week’s episode will feature an industry expert who will share their most helpful tips and insight on topics like home maintenance, energy efficiency, remodel projects, land development, and more. This also presents and excellent opportunity to help the public understand when it’s time to call a pro and point them to our Find a Pro directory. People are looking for honest, fair, skilled, and efficient help when it comes to repairing or building a home and what better place to point them than the members of the Spokane Home Builders Association!

As we seek to promote our industry and educate the public, you have a great opportunity to not only help in this effort but promote your business in the process! If you would like to learn more about how to participate in the House to Home program, please contact Isaiah Paine at You can also check out our introductory episodes now available through SHBA social media channels.

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