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City Council Doubles Down on Housing Crisis Denial

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It's time for the City to take action on housing, not spark political wars

It is disappointing to see city leaders again dodge an opportunity for real dialogue and solutions for hurting families in Spokane. 

Instead of providing alternatives or explaining the council's stance, Mr. Beggs’ rebuttal threw political allegations that dodged addressing the real issues at hand.

The City of Spokane has only permitted less than 4000 units in the past six years, far outpaced by other areas in the region, including Post Falls. See the chart comparing housing growth in the Spokane area.

SHBA’s position is to look at the community in a compressive manner and not cherry pick what projects we feel are important or necessary.

Our message has been the same for months, we need more housing and we need to act now. However, if the Spokane City Council does not want to enact changes to help with the housing crisis, they need to be honest and let other areas take on that growth. 

We cannot afford to wait in an endless holding pattern while thousands of families get locked out of the opportunity to have a safe, stable place to live. 

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