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Elections Have Impact

Every election has an impact on your life…

but the 2022 County Commissioner Races will be especially impactful.


Why will County Commissioner Elections be so impactful?

They will shape the future of housing and economic development in Spokane.


  • The 2022 County Commissioner Race is not only going to impact your lives today, but will lay the foundation for what Spokane will look like for decades to come. Commissioners are responsible for the County’s administration, management, budget, planning and economic development, road and bridge improvements, the maintenance and renovation of County Assets such as public works facilities, and what land development looks like.
  • The Comprehensive Plan and Capital Improvement Plan are two major projects that Commissioners are in charge of; these two plans will literally shape the future of Spokane County.
  • The 2022 Election is seeing an addition of two Commissioners to Spokane County for a total of five positions. It is crucial that we understand the significance of this race as we go to the ballot box this year. Our vote is a vote of confidence that we are “hiring” the most qualified candidate to make long term decisions for a thriving future.


When it comes to elections our objective is clear – support candidates that are pro-housing and pro-business.


Here are our endorsements for the 2022 County Commissioner and State Legislative Races:

County Commissioner Position 1: Kim Plese

  • Kim is a small business owner, and is well versed in the challenges facing our community. Kim is a service-oriented individual who never misses an opportunity to give back to her hometown community of Spokane. She has over thirty years of experience running her own business, and she is ready to bring all of the knowledge she has garnered to the county level.

County Commissioner Position 2: Michael Cathcart

  • For more than a decade, Michael has been striving to improve our community by working both inside and outside of government. He currently serves on Spokane City Council, and continues his efforts with the Spokane Home Builders Association advocating for local housing policies.

County Commissioner Position 3: Joshua Kerns

  • Josh is a lifelong resident of Spokane County and has served as County Commissioner since 2016. He is a small business owner and has championed transparency policies inside county government. Josh knows the legislative process, and he understands first-hand the major role that government plays in our everyday lives.

County Commissioner Position 4: Mary Kuney

  • As an Elected Official, Mary believes her responsibility is to find solutions to our community’s most pressing issues. She is committed to making Spokane County a safe and prosperous community where people choose to live, raise a family, and grow a business.

County Commissioner Position 5: Al French

  • Al has more than thirty years of experience as a successful businessman, architect, real estate broker, investment consultant, and developer in the Pacific Northwest. He has both attracted and assisted new businesses to the region; these experiences have helped him work to help make Spokane County prosperous as Commissioner.

State Legislature

4th District House:

  • Representative Rob Chase
  • Suzanne Schmidt


6th District House:

  • Representative Jenny Graham
  • Representative Mike Volz

6th District Senate: Senator Jeff Holy


7th District House:

  • Representative Joel Kretz
  • Representative Jacqueline Maycumber

7th District Senate: Senator Shelly Short


9th District House:

  • Representative Joe Schmick
  • Representative Mary Dye


13th District House:

  • Representative Alex Ybarra
  • Representative Thomas Dent

13th District Senate: Senator Judy Warnick



Ryan Smith | Government Affairs Coordinator 


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