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Election Results: Day 1


The first batch of returns are in. For the most part our Pro-Housing candidates are down but within striking distance with between 20,000 – 30,000 ballots left to count.  We have always expected these races to be close.

In the Mayor’s race, Mayor Woodward is down by about 1,600 votes. We expect this race to be very close, with a clear path to a narrow victory for the Mayor.

In the City Council President race, we are facing down a larger margin but, similarly, expect the race to get closer. Betsy Wilkerson leads Kim Plese by just over 2,800 votes…with the same 30,000 ballots still outstanding, we believe this race is far from over as well.

Michael Cathcart will win re-election in Council District 1. He leads by 12% points with more favorable ballots yet to count.

Katey Treloar trails Paul Dillon by a manageable 1300 votes. It is unclear how many votes are left to count here, but Katey is not conceding until all the votes are counted.

Council District 3 will not go our way. Earl Moore is down by over 20 points, and is unlikely to overcome that deficit.

Proposition 1, which bans camping within 1000 feet of schools and playgrounds, is headed to a resounding victory. At present, over 75% of Spokane voters have cast ballots in support of this common-sense policy.

Finally, the countywide Measure 1 is losing by a large margin and will not pass.

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