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Core Beliefs

Fair Regulation

SHBA supports the adoption of uniform development regulations and codes between Spokane regional jurisdictions to provide predictability and certainty.

Good Governance

Uphold transparency and accountability amongst our elected officials and government staff. Support fiscally responsible government spending that supports future growth and community building.

Support Growth

Support private property rights and the development of urban growth areas based on objective data that takes the availability of buildable land into account. Artificial restrictions and regulations on growth increase construction costs and raise barriers to housing attainability.

Effective Representation in Government

Promoting Policy That Grows Your Business and Our Community

SHBA Government Affairs represents Association members at all levels of government. Staff and members monitor, testify, and report on issues including impact fees, environmental policies, land use, and a multitude of other issues impacting the residential construction industry.

SHBA 2023 Endorsed Candidates

Each year the Spokane Home Builders Association identifies and evaluates candidates for office that represent the values and principals of the local building industry. Endorsed candidates support public policy that protects the American dream of home ownership and encourages a wide variety of attainable housing options in our community. SHBA’s endorsement process includes a written questionnaire, candidate background screening, and in-person interviews with SHBA members.

Candidate Endorsements

Advocacy in Action

Spokane’s Cooling Housing Market?

August 9, 2022

Spokane’s housing market is currently wavering on the razor’s edge of too hot to handle, and too cold to hold.…

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Elections Have Impact

July 6, 2022

Every election has an impact on your life… but the 2022 County Commissioner Races will be especially impactful.   Why…

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Top Five Issues Driving the Spokane Housing Crisis

July 5, 2022

Eight out of 10 Spokane residents can’t afford to buy a home in current market conditions. Read that sentence again.…

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