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Redistricting of Spokane

Redistricting of Spokane After every census, based on population growth, every jurisdiction must undergo modifications to their voting districts. We refer to this process as Redistricting. The County and State completed their Redistricting maps in the fall of 2021, and now the City of Spokane is in the process of making updates to their Districts.…

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Workers in the Spokane Homebuilding Industry Receive Over $5.1 Million in Insurance Returns

Workers in the Spokane Homebuilding Industry Receive Over $5.1 Million in Insurance Returns More than 360 members were rewarded for workplace safety and received $5,106,610 in returns at The Spokane Home Builders Association’s annual Membership BBQ on June 24. ROII stands for return on industrial insurance and it is the state’s largest, longest-operating Retro (Retrospective…

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Elections Have Impact

Elections Have Impact Every election has an impact on your life… but the 2022 County Commissioner Races will be especially impactful.   Why will County Commissioner Elections be so impactful? They will shape the future of housing and economic development in Spokane.   The 2022 County Commissioner Race is not only going to impact your…

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2nd Annual Workforce Development Camp

2nd Annual Workforce Development Camp The Spokane Homebuilders Association is hosting the second annual Frame Your Future Workforce Development Camp this weekend. The purpose of this weekend long event is to give high school students hands on experience, and to have conversations with local builders to get a sense of what a career in the…

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Home Prices April 2022

Home Prices April 2022 Spokane County has reached an all time high for their home prices. The cost of a median priced home has increased by 26.3% since the previous March to almost $430,000. These prices have done nothing to change the fact that 8 in 10 families simply cannot afford any of the homes…

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Finance Tips for Young Homeowners

Finance Tips for Young Homeowners As a young person, managing your money the right way is crucial in your financial growth. Ensuring that you’re not spending too much, or too little, on certain things is going to set you and even your current or future family up for success. Whether you live alone, are moving…

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